Animal Collisions

Collision with an animal is more common than you think. Hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage to vehicles is one of the unfortunate results.

Animal collisions occur in all 50 states and tend to increase in the fall and winter. Deer strikes typically occur on rural and suburban roads in the late afternoon and after sundown, but hitting an animal can occur anywhere.

Surprisingly, colliding with an animal is not covered by “collision” coverage. Rather, it is covered under “comprehensive” coverage, often referred to as “other-than-collision” coverage. If you do not currently carry this coverage, you will likely be responsible for the costs associated with such an accident.

If you live in an area with deer or other large animals that might enter the roadway, you might consider adding comprehensive coverage to your policy. It’s often affordable, and its price can usually be adjusted based on how much of a deductible you are willing to shoulder.


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