Fire Extinguisher: Saves lives. Saves property.

A properly used fire extinguisher can save your family’s life and property. It’s important to train every member of your household on the location and use of fire extinguishers. Remember that a fully charged extinguisher typically discharges for only about 10 seconds, so proper use is essential.

Also essential is making sure the extinguishers you buy for your home are appropriate for the fire hazard. Extinguishers have different classifications depending on what types of fires they are designed to fight. Following are six basic types:

Class A

Cloth, wood, paper, rubber and ordinary combustibles

Class B

Grease, gasoline, oil and other flammable liquids

Class C

Plugged in appliances and other electrical fires

Class D

Flammable metals

Class K

Cooking and other types of oils typically found in kitchens


Good for Class A, B and C fires

Take an hour this weekend to familiarize all occupants of your home with your fire extinguishers. You may be glad you did!


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