Sewer Backup In The Home

Sewer backup is a messy, potentially harmful situation that can cost a lot in cleanup and housing content damage.

Unfortunately, unless specifically requested, most standard home insurance policies will not cover the cost to clean up after a sewage backup.

If the backup is severe, there may be additional concerns that go beyond property damage, according to RestorationSOS. Its website lists a number of illnesses associated with exposure to sewage, including gastroenteritis and hepatitis. Exposure can also cause other damage to the liver, kidneys and blood as well as infections of the skin and eyes.

The organization reports that the most common cause of sewer backup is “solid flushes”—a term that describes the blockage of the pipe between the home and the city main, usually caused by solid objects flushed down a household drain. Other common causes include structural defects and root infiltration.

Although a water backup endorsement to your homeowners policy won’t cover illness, it can cover property damage. To add this coverage to your policy and insure the cost of repairing damage from sewage backup, give our service team a call.


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