Who poisons Halloween Candy???

This is an interesting opinion by Betsy Shaw.

Click here to read the original publication by Betsy Shaw on blogs.babycenter.com.

This article about Halloween safety brought back memories of Halloweens gone by.halloween-pumpkin

As the article mentions, wandering around in the dark, trying to see through tiny slits in an uncomfortable plastic mask isn’t all that conducive to safe roadside travel. Luckily, we didn’t have much, or any, traffic on our dead-end street.

But even though a car wouldn’t kill us, the food we collected might. Urban legend taught us to be wary of homemade treats. If it wasn’t made and packaged by some major food conglomerate, then it could very well be poisoned or tampered with somehow.

But then there were those rumors about pins being stuck into mini Snicker’s bars, which made it impossible to decipher what, if anything, was safe.

The most daunting legend was that of razor blades being hidden in apples. You only had to hear that story once, and imagine biting into an apple and getting your tongue sliced off by a razor blade, for it to be seared in your mind forever.

And the people most likely to have it out for us, as legend went, were single, childless people. So the houses of any and all widows or “lonely” spinsters on my street were often skipped. How sad is that?

Even though most of these tales of poisoned candy have been exposed as exaggerated myths, we parents are still being advised, as in the above article, to check our kids’ candy for tampering.

To counteract this fear thy neighbor attitude, Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids has challenged parents to take back Halloween, and the neighborhood, by baking rather than buying the Halloween treats you hand out this Halloween.

While I am not prepared to spend the day baking tomorrow, and trick or treaters never brave our isolated, dark road anyhow, I love the idea of more people offering handmade treats rather than stocking up on the same- old, same-old Smarties and mini peanut butter cups.

That said, I could only see this idea working in a small town or tightly-knit neighborhood, where you don’t expect hundreds of strange children at your door. That said, if we lived in Lindsay Weiss’ neighborhood, I would send my kids back to her door multiple times.

What are your Halloween plans? Are you tricking, or treating, or both? Do you worry about your kid getting unsafe food? What will you be offering up as treats?


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