Fire Insurance Claim Day…or Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is the number one day for Fire Insurance claims.  Are you covered?

According to studies, Texas ranks highest in cooking fires on Thanksgiving Day than any other state in the nation. Source Frying Turkeys seems to be the main cause of these dangerous occurrences.  To be sure that you’re being safe when making your festive feast this holiday season, here are some helpful tips:

  • Don’t put too much oil in the fryer pot.  Remember your physics!  Oil will be displaced by the huge turkey.
  • Make sure your turkey is properly thawed before you put it in.  Lots of accidents are caused when people get in a hurry.
  • Keep your fryer away from structures that could catch fire.  If you’re cooking it in your driveway, make sure you’re far enough away so the roof doesn’t catch fire if something would happen.
  • Oil and water don’t mix.  Keep a fire extiguisher that is approved for putting out oil fires nearby incase you need it. Or call 911 if it gets out of hand.  Don’t try to cool the oil down by putting ice in it.
  • NEVER leave your turkey fryer unattended!

If you have any questions about your home fire policy, give us a call! We’re here to help.  254-662-4171 or email


2 responses to “Fire Insurance Claim Day…or Thanksgiving Day

  1. Thank you for this post. There is nothing better than fried Turkey. I had my first taste at one a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, like you said deep fryers can be extremely hazardous if precautions are not taken. These are good tips to keep and mind to remember. After all, this is nothing worse than spoiling your holiday with a disaster.

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