Spring Storm Survival Tips

The ever-changing Texas weather doesn’t always give us time to prepare for extreme

conditions. Spring hail and wind storms are spotty events that don’t hit every part

of town equally. You may drive through hail to arrive home where everything is safe

and sound-or drive through clear weather only to find havoc at home.

Natural disasters reinforce how beneficial it is to have quality home insurance.

Your response is an important element in the claims process.

• Note the date and approximate time of the storm. If your vehicle was damaged

by a storm, record the exact location of the vehicle at the time of the loss (i.e.

address, city, ere). If you were operating your vehicle, note the highway you

were travelling on and the nearest city.

• If you suspect your property has damage due to the storm, make a list of the

items you want the adjuster to inspect. A Germania adjuster will inspect your

roof for damage.

If you have any other questions feel free to call on us anytime.  We’re here to help!

Michelle Haddox / Bill Haddox Insurance / 254-662-4171


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