The 3 Cs – Cost, Coverage, Choice

COST – We want to get you the best premium possible without giving up valuable coverage.

 Let’s talk   DISCOUNT$$$!

 Many available!  Call us for a review to be sure you are getting all the discounts you should be!

COVERAGE – Buying insurance isn’t as easy as buying an item from the store.  You cannot return it after a loss if didn’t perform the way you expected.

 There are a lot of different policy types available today. Ask questions and know what you are buying.

 We prefer to educate and explain so you can make a better choice in protecting your assets.

CHOICE – As an INDEPENDENT AGENT we have several choices for shopping and placing your insurance.

 While it is our belief that chasing the lowest premium every year isn’t the best, we are happy to look to be sure there isn’t a better program available for you.